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"Can I just say that I absolutely love that this company sells most products by volume! I love getting FULL JARS all the time so my collection all looks complete!"

Fort Worth, TX

"IPP's customer service is top notch! It's a breath of fresh air to buy from a company that actually cares and is there to answer any questions when needed! Thank you so much IPP Crew!!!"

Bakersfield, CA

"Lauren's custom mixes are like no other! After finding IPP, I sold others I purchased in the past and will never look back... ever!"

Charleston, SC

"I'm not sure if I order every Thursday night launch for the amazing new colors, dog treats for my pups, or the free candy! I just know I love it all! My husband thanks you for the candy and my pup always appreciated the treats!"

Bismarck, ND

"I can never find glitter of this quality and such a great selection over here in Australia! All I can say is, thanks for shipping all over the world IPP!"

Sydney, Australia

Launches JULY 1st at 10am, EST!

Combo box- Vinyl + Glitter option!

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⚡️TODAY’S FLASH SALE!- “Merica 2.0”- Hexagon Mix

⚡️TODAY’S FLASH SALE!- “Merica 2.0”- Hexagon Mix
⚡️TODAY’S FLASH SALE!- “Merica 2.0”- Hexagon Mix
⚡️TODAY’S FLASH SALE!- “Merica 2.0”- Hexagon Mix

⚡️TODAY’S FLASH SALE!- “Merica 2.0”- Hexagon Mix

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Red, white, blue and silver patriotic mix. Dots and stars.

  • Sold by VOLUME
    • When used correctly, 1oz of glitter should glitter between 4-6 tumblers.
  • TOP GRADE Polyester Glitter