Poly Glitter vs. Craft Glitter

Poly Glitter vs. Craft Glitter

Is there a difference between Poly glitter and Craft Glitter? 


Poly (PET) glitter is more durable and lasts longer. Made from polyester fabric film (which has  a plastic base within the fiber), Poly glitter can be used on all kinds of things, both indoors and outdoors. Poly glitter can be subjected to continuous UV light and very high temperatures (350°F), without losing its shine, melting or degrading over time.  Poly glitter is generally speaking, more expensive due to its long lasting viability.

Craft glitter is primarily used for indoor crafting or providing short lasting sparkle (i.e. birthday party, wedding, etc). Craft glitter is made of cellophane film with a thin PVC base. Craft glitter cannot be exposed to UV and high temps and after about a year, craft glitter will lose it’s shine and become a “matted” version of the original creation. Craft glitter is typically less expensive but lower quality. If you are looking for long-lasting, durable glitter, craft glitter would not be recommended.

It’s Pretty Personal strives to only carry top quality products for our customers and only offers Poly Glitter unless stated otherwise in product description.
Could your glitter have an odor?-
The answer is, YES.

Each series and collection of glitter has a different process as to how the product is produced.   Each series typically is a different type of polyester film that may require different steps and procedures for the overall final product to be complete. Some colors do smell stronger than others, we describe it as a “nail salon“ type of odor. This is a temporary smell may seem strong once opening a shaker of glitter. It  will not last long term once the glitter is under epoxy in your molds or on tumblers. 

The reason for this is that after final coating on glitter film, the curing time on the machine (the time for baking on the machine is shorter, and the temperature is not as high as before) has been reduced, so this is why the smell will be stronger than before.
If these colors are put in a ventilated place or exposed to sunlight, the smell will decrease a lot.
During the reproduction process, occasionally such a situation may occur. The production processes of holographic colors, metallic colors and fluorescent colors are different. For fluorescent and opal colors, this is more common and occasionally appear in such a situation.

We strive for top grade sparkle and shine, smell is secondary.