“Fire VIBES XL”- Vibes

“Fire VIBES XL”- Vibes
“Fire VIBES XL”- Vibes

“Fire VIBES XL”- Vibes

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 Color shift Chameleon  Chunky mix.

  • Sold by VOLUME
    • When used correctly, 1oz of glitter should glitter between 4-6 tumblers.
  • Chunky Mix TOP GRADE Polyester Glitter
    • Solvent resistant for epoxy use. We do not recommend using VIBES colors in "snow globe" type tumblers, where the product will be submerged in free flowing liquids for long periods of time. There is a chance that this could cause minor bleeding of the color over time. 


    *please note- small pieces of white film may be spotted in  this color due to how the film is manufactures to get this amazing, vibrant shift! 

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